Friday, September 18, 2020

A Fall Without Football....

It’s strange for me to even imagine a fall without football. Colorful leaves, pumpkin lattes, crisp weather, and football.....there has always been football. I’ve spent 19 football seasons cheering on my husband’s team in the stands.

We have 5 children, all born in different states.....home has always been where football has taken us.

I’ve filled countless Saturday’s in the football season carting little ones to Daddy’s games. Always reminding them to cheer hard and stand up on third down.....probably enjoying way too many meals at the concession stands.

Our family, like so many coaching families, has sacrificed through many football seasons. Week after week, I’ve handled our children, the house, and well.....pretty much everything on the home front. All while my husband worked extensively to come up with his game plan for that week.

I’ve spent many nights during the season with my apron covered in flour, baking treats for our players. In my heart, I always believe that those sweets will somehow help get us a “W” on Saturday.

Every Thursday night during the football season is family night. It’s the one and only night during the season that Dad will be home for dinner. My husband always tells me he is going to rush home right after practice, but dinner still ends up being closer to 8 pm than 7 pm most Thursday's. 

Over the years we’ve spent more time in the fall with our football family than with our own extended family. We have missed weddings, birthdays, holidays, and more....because football is our livelihood. 

I’ve studied my husband from the stands proudly over the years. Seeing him week after week as he works excessively long hours developing his players and the game plans. Then watching his passion and energy come to life on the sidelines.

We have celebrated wins....those amazing wins, and suffered together through the losses. 

Every fall after games, I am scouring the field for my husband. Giving him kiss whether we win or lose....all while my children scurry around like Jackrabbits, imagining themselves making the game winning play. 

And when even the best of the seasons have had to come to an end, I feel like a kid does on Christmas night, not quite ready for it to be over.

I write this post today filled with emotion and with a heavy heart. I write with tears in my eyes because I know so many other coaching families and players are also hurting right now. Our big FBS game against Nebraska would have been this coming Saturday. Like so many other families in this football profession....there are so many unknowns we are all facing right now.

So to anyone who has muttered the words “it’s just a game”.....let it be a reminder that it’s so much more than that to a coaching family.