Monday, September 26, 2016

RHOCF (The REAL Housewives Of College Football)

RHOCF (The REAL Housewives of College Football.) 

I am going to be 100% real.....being a College Football Coach's wife isn't all that glamorous. Not at all actually. I mean sure, getting free tickets to football games is great, but if you have a grumpy coach coming home with you after the game☹️πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ. Football wives completely understand why losses are so hard for them (they're just as tough on us too). We know the hours coaches put in day in and day out, because we are putting in the same hours off the field. While our husbands are away coming up with the next big game plan.....we are handling everything else on the home front. The season gets long after weeks of very little time together with our husbands on most days (if any at all). 

While the coaches at the Power 5 level make a great living, many college football coaches don't make the big bucks and a family needs a second source of income to get by.  I started a new job this week nannying for another family. During the day I watch a 3 year-old, a two year-old, and a 6 month old, in addition to my own 1 year old. It's a great way to make money while your children are young, balancing family with this football life. It has not been easy to have a career outside of the home being moved around as much as our football family has.......9 times in 14 years to be exact. Only a couple of our moves have been fully paid's not at all cheap moving from Virgina to Illinois. Balancing a job (whatever it is) and running a household almost entirely by yourself can be a real grind........but coaches' wives are still the glue that holds the family together. Sometimes it can be a lot of weight on ones shoulders. Nannying has allowed me to work while still being there to support my children. From help with homework, transportation to activities, to being a cheerleader for them in sports, working inside the home has offered my children stability despite the moving around and their Dad's time away due to football. 

There are other ways to make/save money as a coaches' wife. I have had a number of garage sales before we have moved. Sometimes I knew certain furniture wouldn't fit into our new place, but mostly.....who needs to keep your old school's gear when your loyalty is to a new team right?!?!  Moves have also ended up being our "vacations." We visited Mount Rushmore on our move to Montana two summers ago. When life hands a coach's wife lemons.....she makes lemonade.....we are just tough like that.

Thursday nights are often coaches' families favorite nights in the season. It's usually the only night of the week we can all eat dinner together as a family. After getting kids 3 kids off to school, watching four little ones all day, helping my kindergartner with some homework, cheering at my 8th grader's cross country meet, getting my 6th grader off to football practice, and managIng to find the time to cook.....I get to look forward to having an extra set of hands for that few hours after football practice. It's nice to get help reading/tucking kids into bed, cleaning up after dinner, and just a little bit of family time.

So after my husband was gone this past weekend recruiting (our bye-week.) I drove to another town with our kiddos to my son's football game and even managed to mow our lawn (while our baby napped.) To be 100% real.....I've probably used more tools in our house and mowed way more than my husband has since we moved to South a glamorous life. That's just what we coaches wives do in football....we keep our home together.....all the while our coaches try to figure out the next big play or player.πŸ› πŸˆπŸ’ͺ🏻

And that's a REAL housewife of College football (RHOCF).....It's not an easy life.....through the moves, time apart, and sometimes living paycheck to paycheck.......But I love my family and this football life........I can't resist a big guy with a whistle πŸ˜‰πŸˆπŸ‘πŸΌ.


  1. Love this post Kimberly! It's so true! We definitely aren't making the big bucks sometimes! And we love Thursday nights too!!

  2. We moved from IL to VA...not cheap is correct! I love this post just today I'm dealing w mice and completely over it. Tis the season!

  3. Thanks so much ladies....wish you the best this season. Through ups and downs coaches wives are some of the strongest women I know ❤️πŸˆπŸ™πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ