Saturday, February 4, 2017

Super Bowl...Super Party

This is a football the Super's almost like a holiday in our house. One of my favorite parties to throw almost every year, is our Super Bowl party. Food, drinks, friends, family, and football.....I mean could it get better than that💃🏼🎉🏈🍺

These are my top 4 reasons why we like to celebrate the Super Bowl:

1. Food. I make plenty of dips...they're easy to prepare ahead of time, and then throw in the oven before your guests arrive. Some of my favorites are Buffalo chicken dip, chili cheese dip, salsa, and my famous guacamole. Nothing is remotely healthy....but they are always good🎉🏈🍺.

2. I love a good theme party!!! I have seriously been missing all my football serving dishes/platters that are used regularly for  tailgating during the college football season. I am sure coaches wives all over can relate to the abundance of football cookware you accumulate through the years being a part of this football life.  The Super Bowl party gives me another reason to bring them all out. I also like to think of every plates, napkins, table covers, and decorations. You could imagine my excitement when I recently found the most amazing football glassware at the Dollar Tree....I bought every one they had 🏈😍.

3. It's a family friendly party. We have always invited our football family and close friends. It is for the grown ups, but the kids love it too. It's a way for all of us to get together in our offseason.

4. It's the last football game until the Fall......hello?? (except the Jackrabbit Spring Game💙🏈💛). Why not throw a party and enjoy the last wonderful touchdowns and tackles if the NFL season. It's fun to watch and cheer no matter who is playing....even if your team has long since put away their pads. Somehow we all end up picking a side in the Super Bowl, but I will say, on a positive note, when you don't have your favorite team in the game it allows you more time for socializing and entertaining. Even though I thought it was going to be the Vikings year this season....👎🏼☹️💜🏈💛 (I can almost here the remarks from my friends back in Wisconsin as they read this 🙄)...I'm still looking forward to celebrating another great Super Bowl.

For other great super bowl party ideas follow me, Kimberly Eck, and my board Super Bowl Super Party. I hope you have a great time watching the Super Bowl everyone.....I'm pulling for the Falcons on Sunday! ❤️🏈