Thursday, August 4, 2016

👗Be a Game Day Fashionista🏈

Football is just around the corner ladies and we all need to be getting ready for our game day fashions. One of my favorite spots to shop for football clothing/accessories is on Etsy. I have bought custom accessories and clothing that make you feel like a one of a kind game day fashionista🏈💃🏼.

Don't get me wrong, the book store always has some cute gear, but who wants to see your game day look on hundreds of other I right? Plus, a hoodie can only be so cute......comfy, yes....but not always the most flattering. 

Here are some tips to spruce up your game day look👗🏈💅🏼:

#1 Always ACCESSORIZE!! I bought the most adorable football cuff bracelet on Etsy. It's always fun to have a little bling on to show your team spirit. I am also not afraid to sport team eye black stickers for the big games! Even my purse or diaper bags has to coordinate🏈👜.

#2 Go custom girl. I am currently having a cute custom scarf made through a boutique I found on Pinterest. The boutique, takes a couple of your team t-shirts and makes a cute scarf out of it. Another great online boutique I found takes a team t-shirt and turns it into a fabulous dress (maxi, short, strapless, sleeved, or even one shouldered.) Plus she works with you on finding a fabric that coordinates amazingly with your t-shirt. Love my new one of a kind Jackrabbits dress💙🏈💛🐰👗!!!

#3 Shop Team Colors. Because I usually have football season on the brain, whenever I am out shopping I am always thinking team colors. I found a cute navy/white chevron maxi dress at Sam's club (yes, I am dead serious) when I was pregnant. I paired it with a cute gold scarf to wear for a game last season. Or pick a cute flannel for colder games to wear with leggings  (in your team colors of course💙🐰💛🏈.)

#4 Best foot forward. I have a collection of game shoes/boots I love to wear for games. Uggs are my favorite for cold weather because they keep your toes warm and you can find them in many colors. I have a growing collection and they've all been very good to me on a chilly game days. Or for those wet games, a Hunter boot is fun because they also come in an array of team colors and pair nicely with sweaters, or a flannel with leggings. 

#5 Search the Internet. I have found the Custest clothes online just by searching "game day gear" , "football fashion for women", etcetera on Google. You can also follow my Pinterest Board "Football Wife" (under Kimberly Eck) to get links to online boutiques, custom pieces, or other gameday fashion ideas.

#6 Nail it!!!! Step it up with a great mani/pedi in team colors. I prefer gel/shellac because it lasts longer with kiddos and I am constantly washing my hands. It's also fun to try some cute nail art. Bring those spirit fingers to the game girl 🙌🏻💅🏼🏈!!!!

#7 What's old is new again. I had this really cute under armor top from a school my husband used to coach at (sometimes I keep a few of my favorites😉). I went to our book store and bought a team patch for $5.99 and covered the old logo with our new team.....GO JACKRABBITS!!! The top was pricey, and now I get a little more use out of it💙🏈💛🐰.

#8 Game Day Hair!!! I always get my hair done (highlights and lows) as close to the first football game as possible. My favorite is to mix up styles for game day. Straight, curled, also who doesn't love a side pony, but my fave look is beach waves with a bandana headband. Beach waves are very forgiving on a windy game you can find any color bandanna you can imagine at a Hobby Lobby💆🏼💇🏼👩🏼.

#9 Don't forget the Babes!  I make sure I'm not the only one geared up from head to toe on game day! Jerseys, eyeblack, football leg warmers for baby, game day bows, beanies, mittens, etc...... Go big or go home 🏈👶🏼👦🏼👦🏻👦🏼🐰.

So with our first game of the season, one month away (but who's counting😉), I am anxiously awaiting for the mail to bring me my new looks for SDSU's 2016 season......GO JACKS👦🏻🏈🐰💙! In this house we are always prepared for football season👍🏼. Bring it on gameday ladies....and be a football fashionista🏈👗.

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