Friday, August 9, 2019

10 Tips On How I Survive Fall Football Camp:

1. Practice makes perfect. Ok, well nothing is perfect, but I do think that our family is happier when we go to football practice to get a moment with Daddy. Pack up those kids or ask another wife to meet you at practice. It’s always important to have some REAL FaceTime. 

2. DIY-why not! Time to bring out any projects you’ve been putting on hold. Paint that piece of furniture or organize that closet. I like to think of it like I am nesting for the football season.

3. Cereal anyone? I am not joking when I say I eat cereal A LOT throughout the season. Between juggling back to school for my boys and all of their activities, with’s about enjoying the simpler things in life. Let’s just say it also make my life a whole lot easier not planning big elaborate dinners. I LOVE me some frosted mini wheats.😉

4. Travel!!! When my first two babes were little, I usually traveled to see family during football camp. It’s much harder now with a son’s finishing up baseball season and starting football practice of their own, but I highly recommend this for wives with no kids or young kids to help the time go faster and break up the time.

5. Take care of you. During fall camp I enjoy taking time to do the things I love to do....but never have the time to do (we all know how crazy life gets during football season). Catch up on your favorite shows (Real Housewives anyone?), read a new book, give yourself a pedi/mani....or better yet....go get one. Take a bath and give yourself a mini facial with a great mud mask. Do you lady.

6. Ladies night! Now you have the opportunity to catch up with friends. Who would say no to some good convo and a glass of wine? Plan a get together with the coaches wives on your know they all can relate to the old saying “we interrupt this marriage to bring you the football season.”

7. Get Game Day ready! Every August I find myself browsing for game day looks so my family can show some style and real team spirit in the stands. I also love looking for some cute finds to decorate the house for fall.....‘tis the season. 

8. Stock up! getting game day ready also involves stocking up on food. I take the time to stock up when it comes to feeding our players, tailgating, and having people come to stay for games. This girl picks up a ginormous bag of flour and sugar at Costco every August.

9. Movie night! This is a favorite in my house all year round. Especially having four boys, it’s the only time I can get my toddler to sit still👦🏼😂. Pour yourself a glass of wine and cuddle up with those kiddos or favorite blanket and enjoy the show. 

10. Try something new. Try one of those painting classes with some friends, a new fitness class, or a new recipe....I am always researching new dessert recipes for our offensive line.

So with my 17th football camp as a coach’s wife.....I am a "football widow" once again. Summer has literally flashed before my eyes, but I am going to do my very best to make the most of these remaining weeks of summer. While my husband is preparing his boys for the next season....I will be preparing our boys for the next school year.....but making sure we have fun (and maybe I’ll get a little me time) along the way. 


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