Sunday, June 12, 2016

No bad hair days

Call me vain, if you must, but I think one of the hardest things about moving around is finding a good hairstylist I love💇🏼. I wear my hair blonde with lowlights......And making blonde look "natural" can be really difficult. You can ruin your hair quickly if your stylist doesn't know what she's doing. I have had some terrible things happen from trying out new places in a new town.......I remember many years ago wearing my hair in a scarf like Aunt Jemima......NOT a fun memory for me or my husband for that matter😱😫😭👳🏻. I will say.....I know I am picky....having a cosmetology license makes me that way I guess.

Here are my tips on finding a stylist you'll  love anywhere:

1. Ask around!!! We all see people out and about with great hair from time to time. Ask them where they go to get their hair done......I don't care if it's a random stranger....I ask. Who doesn't love a compliment anyway. I also will remind you I've had some HORRIBLE experiences....just trying a place out on a whim....and it didn't end well. I have gone to some of the best stylists just by asking around (miss you Jamie, Danielle, and Kelle.)

2. Don't be cheap!!! I am not afraid to pinch pennies and try something when it comes to products. One of my favorite liquid eyeliners is by elf cosmetics and I thinks it costs a couple bucks.....LOVE it. I truly believe, however,  with get what you pay for. DON'T buy box color ruins your hair!!!
3. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! Did I mention pictures??? I have two Pinterest boards that's called "My Idea of Blonde" and  another one called "Beauty and Hair I'd Wear." I have pinned an abundance of cuts and color to show any stylist the idea I am after. I have even gone to desperate measures by taking a picture of a back of stranger's head at a baseball game........all for the sake ofgood hair👩🏼📷. Your stylist's idea of "natural blonde," or whatever color you're after, could be different from your own.

4. Know your formula. I always ask my stylist to write down my formula before I move to a new place. This way I know exactly what they did with my hair, and I can give my information to the new 

5. Don't settle. If I haven't found a suitable stylist........I will literally wait to get my hair done. In the past I have I've planned getting my hair done around a visit to see family. This way you can see a stylist you already know and trust (thanks Krisa for always fitting me in❤️). I'd rather suffer through some roots then hate my hair entirely.......its ombré right? I am not afraid of stylin a messy bun for a few weeks.......nobody got time for bad hair LOL.

I Hope these 5 little tips can help. I am off to get groceries for 4 babes (kiddos) who eat me out of house and home👶🏼👦🏼👦🏻👦🏼.......and I'll be looking out for great hair at Walmart (still in search of a great stylist in SD.) I know what you're thinking......Walmart?!?!? Miracles can happen😉.

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