Thursday, June 30, 2016

🌤🕶School is out for Summer🕶🌤

So it was officially Summer, a week ago last Monday, and the kids are all out of school for their break by now. It's great to have them home, don't get me wrong, but after couple of weeks I am starting to feel like an all day, all you can eat restaurant🍽. Plus hearing "I am bored for the third time in one day," would drive anyone a little nuts😜. Also, WHY are they playing baseball inside......when it's gorgeous out??????? Here's a list of ideas to keep the babes busy.....and keep you from going crazy.

1. Join the Summer Reading Program. It keeps them reading over the summer, and almost every local library makes it fun. Moving around we have been involved with many different ones, and they have all encouraged reading with great prizes. My boys have gotten happy meal coupons, Barnes and noble gift cards, books, t-shirts, and more. Plus its peace and quiet for you😉📚.  I try and work their reading time in when my youngest babe's taking his nap😴. Trust me, your teachers next year, will appreciate it😉.

2. Summer activities/camps. Keep those kids movingThere are plenty of summer sports and activities to oldest boys are in a strength training program through our university, and we are also in the middle of baseball for my son Jax. Many programs are available through universities or the YMCA. I have even found free activities through our community.....and with four kids hearing "free" feels almost like you've won the lottery.⚽️⛹🏼🏈🚴🏼⚾️🏊🏼🎾.

3. Pool Pass. We sign up for a summer pool pass. It ends up being cheaper than paying per time and we can go as often as we like and don't have to worry about how long or how little we stay. With a baby who naps still twice a day this is huge🏊🏼. We save money also by bringing snacks from home.

4. Make a list as a family of fun activities you would like to do for the summer. My boys picked a Twins game, seeing their cousins, football camps, and more. Plus it's a great way to start up conversation at dinner table🍽. We just bought our tickets through stub hub and got great seats for an affordable price by waiting a couple hours before the game💙⚾️❤️

5. Limit Screen Time. We live in a world with electronics, and although nice & convenient to have, they are not good for a kiddo to be on all day. My boys have a limit on how much time they get a day with their iPads and video games. I monitor how much they have been on it by having them sign in by texting me on their iPads and signing out when they're finished. That way I keep tabs on who has been on what for how long.⌛️📱🖥🕹

Lastly, when all else fails you can go on Pinterest and find plenty of free summer activities to do. Plus many things are offered in the summer locally. We have done $1 movies at our local theater. They're not the most recent movies.....but a cool theater on a hot day for that price is hard to pass up. Don't forget to by your movie candy ahead of time (big purses come in really handy). If they're still "bored" I found a great tool using Popsicle sticks with chores on them to pull guess you won't be hearing those two little words again.

Enjoy those kiddos this summer......we are off to the pool......after a snack of course 🏊🏻🌤👶🏼👦🏼👦🏻👦🏼🕶

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